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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holy Toledo

Just a quick note from Holy Toledo.

Image of  a detail of the the Burial of Count Orgaz from Sacred Destinations.

Here in  historic Toledo there are many churches (iglesias) and cathedrals (catedrals). The churches are centered on a neighborhood, built with support from a wealthy donor.

The church of St. Toma is located in Toledo's Jewish Quarter. The church is home to el Greco's famous painting The Burial of Count Orgaz. Count Orgaz was a patron of the church, and the painting itself was commissioned a hundred years after the count's death by a priest of the church and friend of el Greco. The painting shows el Greco and his son along with Cervantes as part of the crowd witnessing the entombment of the count. El Greco is centered in the painting directly above the head of St. Stephan. El Greco's son is the small figure to the left of center looking directly out. I am not sure which figure is Cervantes.

I am staying at the Hotel Eurico which is within a stones throw of the primary Cathedral (Catredral Primera) and a few blocks from the church of St. Toma.

Two days in Toledo, then on to Caceres and Merida in the province of Extremadura, before heading to Portugal. Eventually, we will make our way to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the site of pilgrimages in Medieval times.

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